Done, and Done

I don’t really talk about the writing and such very often on here, but sometimes it’s worth noting certain milestones.

So, I finished the novel. And I think…cautiously…that it’s okay. The interesting thing is the routine I managed to settle into in order to get the last of it done.

I’d wake up, get out of bed (quietly), go through turn the laptop on for an hour. Then I’d get ready and leave early for work so that I could drop in at a cafe for 30 or 40 minutes more laptop time. Then I’d work til lunchtime whereupon I’d go to a local eaterie and bash out another hour’s worth. All of which meant by the time I got home, mentally knackered, I’d already had 2-3 hours writing done during the day and didn’t feel like I needed to push myself to do more in the evening as well (although of course, I often did anyway). This made me and those around me happier bunnies all round.

The really interesting thing is that now I’ve got this routine established I don’t seem to be able to break it. So, I’m not going to. The cafes of Glasgow will not go bust at the loss of business from the beardy guy with the laptop and the headphones.

And this is a decent opportunity to give thanks to the following establishments which have been chief amongst those that fed me well and shown genuine interest in how the book has progressed: Bella Italia (Hope St), Di Maggios (Royal Exchange Square), Oko Express (Queen Street), The Rhodderick Dhu and Bar Sporta (Waterloo Street) and all of the Cafe Neros in the area.

Also, if you’re looking for writing music that blocks out ambient yakking but still allows you to concentrate, I heartily recommend Explosions In The Sky’s “All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone”.

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