Excited For

Another in my occasional series of slightly grumpy exclamations of bafflement at the way the English language changes Before My Very Eyes. Last time out the culprit was: This! Now the phrase that has accumulated sufficient irk points is: excited for. When did it happen that we started being excited for things? Hasn’t it always been that […]

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The Sair Lug

On my way out for my Saturday writing session, I popped into one of my locals (since this is Glasgow, there are several; this is the one which shows All The Football) to catch the last half hour of my team’s struggle to muster enough enthusiasm to win the league sooner rather than later. The […]

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What is This?

One of the fun things about the internet has always been watching fads in online language arise from nowhere, enjoy a brief flurry of currency, then vanish again. Thanks to smart phones we now see a lot less of the cu l8r stuff and, with the exception of the occasional ironic kitteh, the childish pseudo leet […]

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