Excited For

Another in my occasional series of slightly grumpy exclamations of bafflement at the way the English language changes Before My Very Eyes. Last time out the culprit was: This! Now the phrase that has accumulated sufficient irk points is: excited for.

When did it happen that we started being excited for things? Hasn’t it always been that you are excited FOR a PERSON (ie on their behalf)?

“I’m excited for Jenny. She starts her new job tomorrow.”

“I’m excited for Neil. He just heard that a third of the stock of the hardcover edition of The Moon King has pre-sold.***”

And wasn’t it always that you were excited ABOUT a THING?

“I’m excited about Jenny’s wage rise.”

“I’m excited about Neil’s book.”

So, when did we suddenly start using:

“I’m excited for Jenny’s payrise.”

“SQUEEE! I’m SO excited for The Moon King?”

C’mon people, stop changing shit when I’m not looking. Leave our prepositions alone.


***Shameless, I know, even if true. But get used to it, guys. And I’m not going always going to be this subtle either.

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