Fringe reviews

Okay, so I recognise that I’ve just posted something that in some lights could be considered a theatre review. And as such I’ve no doubt there’ll be people who disagree with some or all of it. Fair play. That’s the nature of reviews after all, but at least I hope that the review itself is […]

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No jokes

So, I had a day by myself at the Fringe the other day, a blank slate to fill with anything I fancied and, after an hour’s consultation with the Huge and Bewildering Fringe programme, I came up with a pot luck itinerary. Six shows, with a break for dinner at Brewdog on Cowgate, would not […]

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That old saw magic

It’s that time of year again where a young man finds himself carrying a piano up and down the old streets of Auld Reekie in search of some punters to weird out with the aid of his saw wielding sidekick. In short, the Edinburgh Fringe is nearly upon us and, as has become the custom […]

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