So that was Warsaw. There and back again in sixty hours, give or take. But, Wow! Did we ever pack a lot in? The purpose of the trip was to take the opportunity to catch up with Jeff Vandermeer, a great friend who I’ve not seen for a couple of years. Jeff was there to […]

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The Warsaw Trip

So, I’m going to be in Warsaw this weekend as a guest of the Polish edition of F&SF magazine (who have also just told me they would like to translate my story, The Euonymist, for their forthcoming issue!). For a variety of reasons I’m looking forward to this trip with unreasonable levels of excitement. I’ve never […]

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A Little Less Busy…

…which is good. I do enjoy all the music and the performing and all that, but it can get a bit full on. April should be quieter and more focused on the genteel pursuits of writing. I’m putting what will hopefully be the finishing touches to the forthcoming Infinity Plus Kindle edition of The Ephemera, […]

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