A Little Less Busy…

…which is good. I do enjoy all the music and the performing and all that, but it can get a bit full on.

April should be quieter and more focused on the genteel pursuits of writing. I’m putting what will hopefully be the finishing touches to the forthcoming Infinity Plus Kindle edition of The Ephemera, and then will be returning work on Queen Of Clouds.

In addition there are some writing related excursions coming up:

2-4 April, I’ll be in Warsaw with the majestic Jeff VanderMeer. I’m very much looking forward to taking part in some publishing-type events with Jeff while we’re there, but even more so just to be seeing the old bear again.

22-25 April is the Easter weekend, and that means Eastercon. This year in Birmingham although, sadly, not in the centre of the city. As well as catching up with friends, it looks like I’ll be on one or two programme items.

Details of what I’m actually doing at both these events should be finalised soon.

Also, not made up mind about this yet, but Alt Fiction is on at the end of June. Always heard good things about Alt Fiction, but haven’t made it yet. Now’s your chance to persuade me…

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