Plans for Easter?

Hey, it’s almost Easter. And that means Eastercon where, for all but one of the last twenty years(!), I’ve travelled to a hotel somewhere in the UK and talked writing and science fiction with a bunch of great people. This year I don’t have far to travel because the event returns to Glasgow’s Crowne Plaza hotel […]

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Eastercon shopping list

So, Eastercon is around the corner and as always there are a few books out there that I’m looking to pick up. Newcon Press’s Little Black Box, containing two anthologies, La Femme and Noir (which can also be published separately). These feature Newcon’s usual mix of established writers, great indie scribes and names which are entirely new […]

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Those odd subjects of conversation

One of the things I look forward to about a convention weekend is the bar chat. Basically, the bar chat you get at a convention is the conversational equivalent of taking a bunch of regularly exercised, but well trained, puppies to the park and letting them off the lead. After feeding them amphetamines.  For four […]

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Show of hands: Eastercon

All this genre chat reminds me that the annual SF get-together known as Eastercon is almost upon us.  I say this every year, but I adore Eastercon. Four days in a hotel with good friends talking about all the things we love. How could I not? This year’s event, being at Heathrow, has already sold […]

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Eastercon selling out!

By which I mean not that the venerable UK SF convention is going down the movie and TV stars route, but that with a week and a half still to go before the event there are almost no tickets left. I’ve been going to Eastercon for a long time now–I skipped the Heathrow one in […]

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Post Eastercon -in transit

Just a micropost while waiting for the sunny morning train out of eastercon. Been an highly enjoyable weekend. Of course. With so many great and creative people to pass the time with, it couldn’t not be. And hugely pleased for Aliette de Bodard and Ian McDonald, not only for being deserving bsfa winners but also […]

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Show of hands : Eastercon?

All of a sudden it’s that time of year again. Eastercon is in two weeks time.  It’s a convention I always enjoy because I get to see lots of friends from various parts of the country (and the world). So, who’s going to be in Birmingham this year then?

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A Little Less Busy…

…which is good. I do enjoy all the music and the performing and all that, but it can get a bit full on. April should be quieter and more focused on the genteel pursuits of writing. I’m putting what will hopefully be the finishing touches to the forthcoming Infinity Plus Kindle edition of The Ephemera, […]

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The aftereffect of Eastercon for me is always exhaustion+inspiration in equal measure. Exhaustion from the stamina-sapping of talk-talk-talking, being engaged and attempting to be engaging all weekend. Inspiration from all the serious, fun, silly conversations that you find yourself a part of. With so many smart people around, ideas are tossed off, tossed up and […]

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