Eastercon selling out!

By which I mean not that the venerable UK SF convention is going down the movie and TV stars route, but that with a week and a half still to go before the event there are almost no tickets left. I’ve been going to Eastercon for a long time now–I skipped the Heathrow one in the late 90s, but that’s the only one I’ve missed since I broke my duck in Liverpool in 1994. There have been busy ones, and there have been very quiet ones (and to a greater or lesser extent I’ve enjoyed them all). Eastercon, being a peripatetic convention, gets around the country, and for I suppose obvious reasons, the really busy ones tend to coincide with it being held in the south east, but I’ve never heard of it completely selling out before. In the back of my mind I think I remember the last Heathrow event (2010) being very busy, so I wonder if the organisers have capped the membership this time round to give everyone a bit of breathing space. Good planning, I reckon.

It’s fantastic to see the convention in such good health. I’m getting that pleasant sense of anticipation, and judging from recent posts on Twitter and Facebook, others are as well. The programme has some interesting items, there are books I want to buy, and I get to see a whole bunch of my favourite people in the one place. Bring it on!

If you’ve been swithering about attending Eastercon this year (and I heartily recommend you do), the word from the organisers is that the expect to have sold out of memberships by 6pm today. This is your last chance. Get over there and sort it out.

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