Iain Rowan’s One Of Us

He is you know, but One Of Us is also the title of Iain’s debut novel. Regular visitors to this part of the internet can’t have escaped the occasional bouts of Rowan-mania  that erupt here. I love Iain’s prose, and even though his work is largely classified as crime fiction, I love the margin-treading his stories do. The way the meander along the damp shores of the horrific and the fantastic, lingering just long enough to leave short-lived prints on the wet sand, reminds me strongly of Jonathan Carroll.

I’ve blogged here before about Iain’s collection, Nowhere To Go, which was one of the first titles published by Infinity Plus Books, and it’s no surprise to me that the same publisher are behind One Of Us. I’ve just ordered it for the Kindle app on my phone, and am looking forward to reading it immensely.

On the subject of Iain – he’s also the clever fellow behind the 52 songs, 52 stories blog. I’ve not kept up to date with the stories, here but I very much like this week’s entry: Poems (inspired by the song of the same name by Tricky).

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