John Klima

Little bit of pimpage for editor friend, John Klima. For those of you who don’t know him, John’s the editor of Hugo-winning short fiction zine, Electric Velocipede.  Specifically, he’s the genius who asked writers to create stories around the championship-deciding words of the Scripps spelling competition, and collected the ones he liked best into Logorrhea: Good Words Make Good Stories. So, without John we wouldn’t have my “The Euonymist”, and neither would we have the forthcoming “Lost Sheep”.

In addition to EV and numerous anthologies, John’s also got serious industry experience from his times at Tor books and Dell Magazines (publisher of Analog and Asimovs). Which is why, if you’re considering looking for editorial services on anything from short stories to full-length novels, you should seriously consider dropping him a line.

In addition, EV are trying to raise a bit of cash to send John to a few conventions this year (personally, I’m very much hoping to seeing his big happy face at World Fantasy in Toronto), and during March they’re holding a prize draw with lots of EV goodies up for grabs to anyone that buys something from their shop or simply makes a donation.

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