Fun stuff that I read in February

Continuing my monthly reading round-up that a/passes on some recommendations of neat stuff and b/ proves that I’m keeping the resolution going.

“The Gutenberg Boys” by Ian Boyter (The Vanity Press). More of a rolling anecdotal memoir than a novel, but I was pretty taken with the evocation of time/place, language and technology in this tale of the lads who worked in a 1960s Edinburgh print shop.

“The Angels Of Life And Death” by Eric Brown (Infinity Plus). Short story collection from Infinity Plus’s new ebooks line. Reading this was like slipping back to when I first discovered Interzone. Made me hugely smiley.

“Wikolak” by Nina Allan (Crimewave 11 : Ghosts). A new edition of Crimewave is always an occasion for celebration, and a new Nina Allan story is a gift from God. This study of our fascination with serial killers is delicately observed and true to heart, and it has a chilling ending to boot.

“Water” by Maura McHugh (Black Static  21). A short short that manages to be not only both bitter and wistful, but also packs more punch than any of the longer stories in this issue.

“Diving After The Moon” by Rachel Swirsky (Clarkesworld, February). Swirsky’s stories tend to be hit and miss for my personal preference, and I usually don’t enjoy revamped folk stories either, but I found this story of the clash between simplistic belief and scientific reality to be both technically impressive and emotionally engaging.

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