New Black Static

The new issue of Black Static – a double issue no less – goes to the printers this week and will be in our hands before we can say ‘scary stories’. I’ve loved this magazine since issue 1 (and it’s predecessor, The Third Alternative) and the debt I owe to editor, Andy Cox for publishing […]

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Into The Black

Very, very pleased to announce that I’ve sold a supernatural short story, The Secret Language Of Stamps, to Black Static. One of my undisclosed writing goals for this year was to try and break into their pages, and I’m delighted to have done it so quickly. Black Static is a special magazine for me because its […]

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Monthly : February

Reading long Eyepennies by Mike O’Driscoll (TTA Press) Not that long a read, actually (in fact I read this novella pretty much in one sitting). I’m a long standing O’Driscoll fan and having taken out a subscription to TTA’s new novella series, I was gantin’ for this to arrive, and when it did I wasn’t by […]

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July Reading

Beginning to catch up on the reading front a little, although I’m still busy with too many other things to make much headway on the novel pile (and, to be frank, August is not looking promising on that front either. Ah, well). Anyway – for a bit of light relief I went with Terry Pratchett’s […]

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April -reading

Again, a month’s readings interrupted by other things. Which is not a complaint, just a bit of scene setting. In April I’d intended to go ahead and read the other BSFA nominees that I didn’t managed during March (The Islanders and By Light Alone), but by the time my reading schedule had cleared I wasn’t […]

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February Reads

This update is both late because of megabusyness** and slight because once again I spent the month mainly reading an unpublished novel again, but I did get through a few shorts in recent issues of Interzone, Black Static, Clarkesworld and Lightspeed. None of the pieces I took in from Clarkesworld really stood out for me […]

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September’s Reads

September was a little disappointing reading-wise. Struggled most of the month on one novel, and other activities (including having an unpublished novel for critique) have nibbled away my reading time lately. Not expecting this situation to improve much in October either, but c’est la vie. The Phantoms Of Breslau by Majek Krajewski (Quercus). Picked this […]

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Fun stuff that I read in February

Continuing my monthly reading round-up that a/passes on some recommendations of neat stuff and b/ proves that I’m keeping the resolution going. “The Gutenberg Boys” by Ian Boyter (The Vanity Press). More of a rolling anecdotal memoir than a novel, but I was pretty taken with the evocation of time/place, language and technology in this […]

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