Into The Black

Very, very pleased to announce that I’ve sold a supernatural short story, The Secret Language Of Stamps, to Black Static.

One of my undisclosed writing goals for this year was to try and break into their pages, and I’m delighted to have done it so quickly. Black Static is a special magazine for me because its original incarnation, The Third Alternative, was where editor, Andy Cox, took a chance on some of my earliest stories. I still subscribe to the magazine and the standard of fiction has got higher and higher over the years, so I’m chuffed on several fronts to have made it.

The Secret Language Of Stamps is is a ghost story about travel, and communication, and love. And I have to thank the members of GSFWC whose insightful critiques a few weeks ago helped me polish it into something that I hope will provide a few quiet chills for Black Static readers at some point later in the year.

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