BSFA Awards Short List

I… um…

Nope, sorry. I got nothing. I’m supposed to be a writer and I have no words to express how it feels to learn that The Moon King has been shortlisted for this year’s BSFA award for best novel.

So, I’ll just take this opportunity to thank profusely everyone that nominated it. There were a lot of great and very different, books published last year. A lot, as you can see by the unprecedented size of the shortlist. And it’s an honour to be on the same list as all of them.

(I’m particularly pleased for Ian Whates at NewCon press who sees, not only mine, but also Nina Allan’s wonderful The Race on the novel list and Ruth Booth’s terrific story, The Honey Trap, from his La Femme anthology among the short stories).

Also, whatever transpires in the novel category, if you’re a BSFA member or Eastercon attendee, be sure and get hold of the indispensable voter book; read all of the short stories and non-fiction, consider the artwork, and vote for what you like best in those categories. The BSFA provides us with a superb opportunity to make the best judgement possible, so get out there and use it.

Good luck to all the nominees.

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