The Year of Living Industriously

After all the exciting business of novels and the like last year, 2015 might look like it was a year of not very much happening, but I doubt I’ve ever had such a productive one.  Musically, we got the band back on the road and Markee and Bert managed to get themselves on a US chat sh0w (of sorts), but mostly this year I wrote and wrote and wrote…

And I don’t have much to show for it. At least not yet. And that’s the nature of writing. You put all the work in and then you wait. I can say that Queen Of Clouds is all but done, and that I think it’s pretty good. There’s definitely some things in there I’m proud of. But more than that…it’s down to the waiting.

I did publish a handful of stories this year. My Scottish satire,”Fish On Friday”, appeared in Interzone in January. Post-war ghost story, “The Secret Language Of Stamps”, marked my first appearance in Black Static. And “Shifting” has just been published in Freight Books’ I Am Because You Are, an anthology of work celebrating the centenary of General Relativity.

So, aye. Head down, back to work. Looking forward to being a bit more visible in 2016 and, at last, to starting work on Brand New Things. Oh, the excitement!

2 thoughts on “The Year of Living Industriously

  1. Glad to hear its been a productive year, Neil. I’m sure all the time writing/editing/etc will prove dividends at some point soon. Here’s to a productive and healthy 2016!

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