September’s Reads

September was a little disappointing reading-wise. Struggled most of the month on one novel, and other activities (including having an unpublished novel for critique) have nibbled away my reading time lately. Not expecting this situation to improve much in October either, but c’est la vie. The Phantoms Of Breslau by Majek Krajewski (Quercus). Picked this […]

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Fun stuff that I read in February

Continuing my monthly reading round-up that a/passes on some recommendations of neat stuff and b/ proves that I’m keeping the resolution going. “The Gutenberg Boys” by Ian Boyter (The Vanity Press). More of a rolling anecdotal memoir than a novel, but I was pretty taken with the evocation of time/place, language and technology in this […]

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Support Our Zines Day

October 1st = Support Our Zines Day, an initiative…um, initiated…by Damien G Walter, and one of which I wholeheartedly approve. I love fiction zines. I fell in love with Interzone in the mid-late 80s and used to read tons of the UK small press mags that flourished during the 90s, but I while still keep […]

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