Support Our Zines Day

October 1st = Support Our Zines Day, an initiative…um, initiated…by Damien G Walter, and one of which I wholeheartedly approve. I love fiction zines. I fell in love with Interzone in the mid-late 80s and used to read tons of the UK small press mags that flourished during the 90s, but I while still keep up a few subscriptions here and there I must confess that I allowed a lot of them to lapse. What was the point when I wasn’t getting to read them?

Well, today that trend stops because today is the day to celebrate all the people out there who are still busting their collective guts and labouring for the love of their magazines. If you want to support some zine too, here’s what Damien suggests you do:

1. List the ‘zines you have enjoyed this year, then subscribe / donate to as many as feel you can afford. You can be modest and keep your donations a secret, or you can show off and list your donations on your blog or elsewhere top help encourage others to show their support.

2. Send a message to the editor(s) of the ‘zines you like thanking them for their work. Editors make ‘zines happen.

3. Publicise your favourite ‘zines on your website, blog and elsewhere.

Today I’ve taken out new subscriptions to magazines that every one should be reading : Weird Tales and Electric Velocipede. And I’ve also taken an interest in Clarkesworld, which is free to read (and they do audio versions of some stories too!), but requires donations and general love. Go check them out and do the same. And while you’re at it: Black Static, Crimewave, Postscripts, StarshipSofa, EscapePod, Albedo One, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet.

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