Visions Of The Future

Courtesy of the ever-eclectic Boing-Boing, I’m totally charmed by these 1910 French lithographs depicting life in the year 2000. Probably my favourites are these marvelous armoured bicycles and this uncanny prediction of Mad Max or perhaps Death Race 2000.

Wonder if those clever, clairvoyant Frenchies have managed to predict the result of tonight’s footie game in Paris. Seriously, I’m so excited about this one. On one hand I fear we’re on for a revenge humping after having the temerity to beat them last year (and what a rollercoaster ride that one was), but on the other hand…it’s Scotland – REAL Scotland after a few years of uncharacteristic meekness, the Scotland that chaps the doors of the game’s big boys and runs away. So you never know. There’s hope in the heart, and when it comes to Scotland, hope is a dangerous thing.

Anyway, I’ve got the cricket on to take my mind off it while I get back to work.

Later: Well the cricket was probably a bad choice of distraction. That was like going one nil up early doors and defending well only to lose one just on the nick of half time, then being soundly whipped in the second half. Hope it’s not prophetic.

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