End of The Month

A word in passing about a great Glasgow institution.

Last night’s End Of The Month Club was just full of good things. For those of you new to this blog, EOTMC is a monthly club night in the 13th Note that celebrates those that have left us during the month via the medium of electro music and video mash-ups, and occasionally games.

This month’s highlights.

In memory of Gary Gygax – the usual EOTMC catharsis sheet (whereupon you get to expunge the good and bad that happened in the preceding 30-odd days from your system) was supplanted by a character sheet for a topical role playing game: Basements And Bandmates. Your character could be any of a number of the musical types or associated hangers-on that must be familiar to any who visit the Note with any regularity and his skills could include a range of attributes, including drunkenness, shaggability and fighting ability. A suspicious amount of work had gone into it, but sadly the live role-playing session using these characters later on had to be axed due to lack of time.

In memory of Captain Birdseye – a really suspicious wee song called “Fishy Fingers” played over the old adverts. Dodgy.

In memory of Anthony Minghella – a beautiful mash-up of Another Brick In The Wall with the Grange Hill theme. Did you know he directed GH back in the day? There you go.

And in memory of Arthur C Clarke – so much good stuff, including some really creaky looking clips of Mysterious World, the “early man learns tool-use” scene in 2001 to tune of Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” (you know like the ad with the gorilla), and the conversation between Dave and Hal, when Dave first realises Hal’s gone a little bit strange – but with Hal’s bits replaced by Papa Lazarou.


“Hello Daaaave?”


“Daaave? Is that you Daaave?”

“What’s going on Hal?”

“Oh, your myyyy wiiiife nooooow.”

You get the idea.

And they still found time for the return of Thriftshop XL and a couple of bands (the laid back Leigh Myles and the totally not laid back LUX).

Still the best night out for “4 squidlies” (their words not mine) in town.

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