Time for Tromolo

One of my favourite things to do over the last few years, of a spare evening, say, is amble down for a few hours of the unexpected and the entertaining at Club Tromolo. Tromolo’s pretty much a unique combination of music, performance and comedy. Many’s the night I have [almost] LITERALLY weed myself at the shenanigans played out in front of me. I remember the first time I saw The Flying Frumpingtons, I near enough coughed up a spleen. If you think variety’s coming back in vogue now, these were the guys that were among the first to foist it up on us.

And now all of Scotland is getting a taste of what Glasgow’s been hoarding for itself. Tromolo is going on tour, and I recommend it to everyone with a sense of humour the length and breadth of the land. Hosted by Frank Percy (MBE) and his lovely wife Doreen, acts include the bitterly funny songs of Kosmic Colin, the baffling regalements of eccentric toff millionaire Sir Clifton Sainsbury, the charming delights of the world-famous Miss Leggy Pee, one of my own personal heroes – Jazzbadger (a badger who plays jazz) and the gnomic predictions of the Govan Seer. And all of that is topped of by a nightly set by A Band Called Quinn who will be playing songs from their new album Sun, Moon, Stars.

The whole thing kicks off in Glasgow’s Classic Grand on Wednesday the 9th of April. I’ll hobbling down there after football, and thereafter laughing my ache, pains and disappointments away.

Who’s with me?

2 thoughts on “Time for Tromolo

  1. NOw I’ve seen it, I can only tell you that the Tromolo tour is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in ages.

    I could try and describe it, but I wouldn’t do it justice – especially not Sir Cliffton Sainsbury (eccentric toff millionaire).

    Just, look, just go and see it will you?

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