No jokes

So, I had a day by myself at the Fringe the other day, a blank slate to fill with anything I fancied and, after an hour’s consultation with the Huge and Bewildering Fringe programme, I came up with a pot luck itinerary. Six shows, with a break for dinner at Brewdog on Cowgate, would not […]

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Interim Fringe : 1

So, the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe has been going for a couple of weeks now. I’ve been through there quite a lot, but so far I’ve had little time to see much that I wasn’t directly involved with in a de Saw / Finkle capacity (I’ll talk more next week about how Israphel’s Book has panned out). […]

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Great Gatsby

Really looking forward to the launch this coming Friday of The Gatsby Club, a 1920’s themed club night featuring a great variety line-up that will include the return of Markee de Saw and Bert Finkle. Really looking forward to it. Well, it’s either that or watch the reruns of the royal wedding again.

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Various Variety

Being, in the main, a round-up of random stuff from the last week. It’s been one of those weeks. Life is so a Cabaret – spent the weekend in London watching various varieties of cabaret performance. Most especially lovely to see Miss Leggy Pee taking her unique brand of charming on the road to such […]

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Time for Tromolo

One of my favourite things to do over the last few years, of a spare evening, say, is amble down for a few hours of the unexpected and the entertaining at Club Tromolo. Tromolo’s pretty much a unique combination of music, performance and comedy. Many’s the night I have [almost] LITERALLY weed myself at the […]

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