Interim Fringe : 1

So, the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe has been going for a couple of weeks now. I’ve been through there quite a lot, but so far I’ve had little time to see much that I wasn’t directly involved with in a de Saw / Finkle capacity (I’ll talk more next week about how Israphel’s Book has panned out).

Over the last few years that we’ve been involved in the cabaret stream of the Fringe, it’s grown exponentially each time. This year Cabaret has it’s own section in the Fringe programme because there is so much to choose from. So, if anyone is looking for tips as to what to go and see, here’s a few suggestions:

The Creative MartyrsAn Hour Long Sinister Wink – the Martyrs are now firmly established as Fringe cabaret must-sees. This year’s show brings issues of modern disquiet to the audience in a manner that manages to be personal, sinister and heart warming  all at once.

Cherry Pitz – coming out like a candyflossed Ellen Greene, Cherry Pitz’s off-the-wall Vincent Price routine was my personal highlight Bongo Club’s Triskaidekaphilia show. Charming, funny, beautifully timed and almost coincidentally burlesque.

Itsy’s Kabarett – with two shows a night, every night (except Wednesdays), Kabarett is the definition of a pacey, exciting cabaret show. The buzzing midnight shows are a great way to end your day of Fringing with a bang. Showcasing established stars and new faces, every line-up is guaranteed to feature something that takes your fancy. Personal highlights so far have been the cheeky songsters from Jollyboat and Velma Von Bon Bon’s Scooby Routine.

Mat Ricardo’s Voodoo Varieties – does things differently. It kicks the pace down a notch and with only two guest acts – modern clown, Mike Rophone, and the now universally adored, Frisky and Mannish – plus a demonstration of virtuoso juggling by Ricardo himself the show presents an absolute and unabashed love of the variety field. This was apparent from the stage time given to the excellent acts but it really shone through during the brief video appreciation of the amazing French juggler, Francis Brunn.

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