Well I certainly didn’t expect to see that

The last week of the Fringe managed to deliver a few genuine surprises, even to my jaded eye. I like this. It’s one of the things I expect from the Fringe, and had felt somewhat lacking this year. Even burlesque delivered something I’ve never seen before.  Briefly, and in no particular order:

tap dancing penguin, in the form of Miss Josephine Shaker whose act conjoins an Attenborough-esque nature documentary spoof and a sparkling display twenties era tap dancing.

Fabled: an hour of completely immersive, multi-layered story-telling mime, amazingly well executed by Lois Of The Lane. Dazzling display of timing,  technique and imagination.

For years I’ve been hoping to see plate spinning make a return to the variety scene. Now, thanks to the Curious Couple From Coney, I have been granted my wish. Not only was said plate spinning, it was doing so on the pommel of a sword that had been swallowed up to the hilt by a beautiful lady, who was also hula hooping. That there, ladies and gentlement, is variety.

And lastly, the burlesque. Courtesy of Miss Legs Malone, a sometime accomplice of the aforementioned Curious Couple, I have now witnessed, well, a vagina dentata…chewing a lollipop.

As Harry Hill is fond of saying, I certainly didn’t expect to see that. Thanks Fringe 2012, you’ve been surprising!

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