Being There

Early tomorrow morning I’m hopping on a train for Manchester. When I get there I will meet up with my brother and we will take part in something that hasn’t happened since we were both very wee indeed.

No, we don’t have a ticket for the game.

Yes, we will be two of the estimated 100,000.

Why? I don’t know. I honestly don’t. It’s instinctive. We just have to be there.

I remember saying when I went to last year’s UEFA Cup Final how enjoyable it all was, but I didn’t hold out any hope for being there to support my own team. It just wasn’t feasible, and then look what happened.

Anyway, my Celtic supporting friends, still with fresh memories of Seville, tell me we’ll have a great time, and I certainly aim to.

I was going to attempt to photoblog it, but technology has defeated me at every turn. So, instead anyone who’s possibly interested can catch my flickr stream over in the sidebar.

Back in circulation on Thursday. Unless I get lost.

EDIT: OK, the flickr account seems to have decided to stop receiving my pictures. That’s gash. I might just have to upload a choice few when I get back on Thursday, but it’s not the same, is it?

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