Drawing The Sweep

Last night, in the legendary football city of Glasgow, the draw was made for the official TTA Euro2008 Sweepstake. In a lavish ceremony, Presiding Officer Ian Hunter and Secretary Craig Marnoch of the officiating body, GSFWC, drew the competing countries and the numbers of the contestants.

Mr Hunter and Mr Marnoch officiate

The Draw in full:

1  Andy Cox  France
2  Neil Willamson  Croatia
3  Andy Hedgecock  Switzerland
4  Max Hedgecock  Russia
5  Vaughn Stanger  Italy
6  Jetse De Vries  Germany
7  Foxie  Greece
8  Mike Alexander  Sweden
9  Jim Steel  Romania
10  Andrew Humphrey  Czech Republic
11  Gary Fry  Netherlands
12  Andrew Hook  Austria
13  Stephen Pirie  Portugal
14  James Pirie  Poland
15  Des  Lewis  Turkey
16  Bob Lock  Spain

Good luck to all.

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