On turning…

So, after a month of surprisingly maudlin introspection, I emerge on the other side of 40 no different in any tangible way to when I went into it. It wasn’t, after all, a one-way portal molecule-thin glass that wizens your atoms as you step through like time-lapsed footage of so many ageing apples. And life hasn’t “begun”, it has continued.

I’ve spent some quality time with family and friends. Relived a portion of my of teen years in a way that I found both ironic and open. Discovered some old music, and some new music. Made my novel better. Read some great fiction. Oh, and I’ve taken the e-book plunge.

So, life continues. And long may it do so.

10 thoughts on “On turning…

  1. My granny, in her nineties, said she didn’t feel any different inside than she had when she was 18.
    And 40 isn’t bad. Consider the alternative.

  2. Hah! 40. That’s nothing. Once you hit 41 – that’s when it starts to sink in. Also, have you ever wondered why there are plenty of international footballers aged 35 and vitually none aged 40? Your body now officially hates you.

    By the way, Happy Birthday!

  3. 40?! Jeez, and I thought the polished napper was just a fashion thing. ;-D

    Well, I still got 4 years before I hit the big four-oh, but gotta admit I’ve found being in my thirties a revelation: I just don’t give a frig any more, as compared to being bloody twentysomething when EVERYTHING seemed such a big deal. Now? Heck, everything simply amuses me; you realise very few things are really worth getting worked up about, and those that are, hell, just gotta took those in your stride (preferably big steps!).

    So, what’s happening on the short story front?! Hope you haven’t been sneaking them out there without telling anyone. I mean, really, what’s the point of having a website if you can’t pimp yourself? 😉

  4. Hi Paul – there are stories coming out, and don’t worry, I’ll big them up when they’re available, but the rundown is as follows:

    I have a piece in Fabulous Whitby, which should be out any time now. My story is reprinted from The Ephemera, but the book will be worth getting for loads of other excellent work.

    And more forthcoming than that, I have stories lined up for Interzone and Newcon Press’s next anthology. All the information is on the Stories sub-page of the Writing page of this site. But thanks for asking!

  5. What, nothing forthcoming in The Elastic Book of Slipstream (2008)?!

    I don’t subscribe to Interzone, but I’ll make a point of picking this one up, either from Forbidden Planet or Borders.

    So, what about Black Static? Any good? I’m waiting until I actually see a copy at Fantasycon before I decide (got my fingers burned with TTA, don’t you know, so I’m a little wary 😉 ).

  6. Sadly, I was unable to get anything submitted to Subtle Edens – but I’m really looking forward to it. It’ll be a great book.

    Black Static is excellent – at least in my opinion. It looks fabulous, and has a good quality of content leans discernibly more towards horror than TTA did.

    But as always, Paul, it’s a matter of personal taste, and “your mileage may vary”. Definitely pick up a copy at FCon and see what you think, but I’ve been impressed with it so far.

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