In with the New/Ain’t no lie

Conventions. I love them. They come at just the right times to wrench you out of the workaday and let you just hang out with your friends in a bar, for three or four days. Usually, I do two a year. Eastercon at, well, Easter, and Fantasycon in September. Occasionally, if I’m feeling flush I might fly over to World Fantasy, but those two are my routine. This year, for various and banal reasons, I had to miss Fcon, but I’m making up for it this coming weekend with Newcon in Northampton. Guests of honour are Iain M Banks, Ken McLeod and Storm Constantine, and there will be a whole bunch of other writery types in attendance too. So, if you’re in the area, I can recommend it.

Also, at Newcon, will be the launch of the Newcon Press anthology (yes, they’re related – there’s two incredibly hard working and enthusiastic men called Ian behind the whole thing).  The Newcon Press anthology series has now reached its 4th volume (5th if you count the BSFA 50th anniversary book, Celebration), and they have all carried a great mix of well known names and newcomers in the UK SF scene. The new volume, titled Subterfuge, looks like it will be no exception. There are new stories by John Meaney, Neal Asher, Pat Cadigan, Tanith Lee, Tony Ballantine, Juliet McKenna and Gary Couzens (and I was delighted to contribute a little something too).

So, if you make it to Northampton – see you at the launch.

2 thoughts on “In with the New/Ain’t no lie

  1. Hey, kids – look at this!

    Right back at you Una. And yes i-SCREAM, probably needs to happen. The world deserves it.

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