Silver lining following on from the day’s more depressing news is that Interzone 220 is now out and available.

Stories by Jason Stoddard, Eugie Foster, Rudy Rucker, Leah Bobet, Gareth L Powell and me. Book reviews wrangled by Jim Steel and featuring Michael Cobley and Paul F Cockburn as well as an interview with Jeffrey Ford by Rick Kleffel and a retrospective of Christopher Priest by Andy Hedgecock.  And the annual reader’s poll, too.

It’s the bumper fun, family sized, slice of cracking new SF that your January has been waiting for. Just looking at that gorgeous cover makes you feel sunny inside.

2 thoughts on “Interzone

  1. I’ll be in Glasgow this coming Friday morning (before I head off to backshift). Will be making a point of picking it up, either from Borders or Forbidden Planet. LOVE the cover, especially what they did with the layout of the type!

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