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Some of you will know that I’ve a long held admiration for Interzone magazine. It’s the mag that made me fall in love with short form SF and Fantasy, and I’ve been reading it for forever. I’ve been published in Interzone several times–and several times before that in TTA Press’s first title, The Third Alternative–which is why it’s […]

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My favourite thing…

…in Interzone 220 was Rick Kleffel’s excellent interview with Jeffrey Ford. My favourite Ford novel is still The Portrait Of Mrs Charbuque (and my favourite story is still “Creation”), but I’m thinking of giving The Physiognomy et al another read. And of course picking up copies of The Drowned Life and The Shadow Year as […]

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Silver lining following on from the day’s more depressing news is that Interzone 220 is now out and available. Stories by Jason Stoddard, Eugie Foster, Rudy Rucker, Leah Bobet, Gareth L Powell and me. Book reviews wrangled by Jim Steel and featuring Michael Cobley and Paul F Cockburn as well as an interview with Jeffrey […]

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Endings and Beginnings

So, we’ve slipped seamlessly from the end of 2008 to 2009. On Hogmanay, filling in the End Of The Year Club catharsis sheet, it struck me with some force how frickin frustrating last year was for me. On many levels, but mostly creatively. When I got to the section which asked about resolutions (which I […]

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Interzone and me

So, yes, officially, my story Spy Vs Spy will be appearing in the next issue of Interzone. I talk about Interzone quite a lot on this blog: a/ because it’s personally important to me and fundamentally linked to my development as a writer and b/ because it remains a damned good read. And it has […]

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Various Variety

Being, in the main, a round-up of random stuff from the last week. It’s been one of those weeks. Life is so a Cabaret – spent the weekend in London watching various varieties of cabaret performance. Most especially lovely to see Miss Leggy Pee taking her unique brand of charming on the road to such […]

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A word in your shell-like

I find this rather exciting. TTAPress have just launched a new arm to their kaliesque fiction goddess – a podcast site called Transmissions From Beyond. Looks like it will consist of spoken word readings of stories published in all three of TTA’s magazines: Interzone, Crimewave and Black Static. There’s three stories up now for your […]

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The Taste Of Mundanity

So, the Mundane SF issue of Interzone has come and gone. In case you’ve not been aware, there was a whole bunch of foohfarah about the Mundane manifesto, because I don’t know, the rhetoric rubbed people up the wrong way or something. And that was rekindled when IZ announced they were handing over the reins […]

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Diversionary Tactics (2)

Last night’s attempt at mental misdirection was something of a motley collection. Each was engrossing in itself, but short lived. Here’s the rundown: Wednesday Fives – cracking game of football which involved my side coming back from a seven goal deficit to snatch a tie at the end. Totally absorbing for the hour it lasted, […]

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Interzone is 25

With the publication of its latest issue (in the shops now!), Interzone magazine is officially 25 years old. I’ve been reading it for at least 80% of that time and over the years it has introduced me to an uncountable list of fantastic writers that have enriched my life. I’ve eulogised about the mag before, […]

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