My favourite thing…

…in Interzone 220 was Rick Kleffel’s excellent interview with Jeffrey Ford.

My favourite Ford novel is still The Portrait Of Mrs Charbuque (and my favourite story is still “Creation”), but I’m thinking of giving The Physiognomy et al another read.

And of course picking up copies of The Drowned Life and The Shadow Year as soon as I can.

6 thoughts on “My favourite thing…

    1. Totally! It was the first of Jeff’s stories I ever read and I was just bowled over by its subtlety and skill.

  1. I’m guessing I’ll have to read it…I have a subscription to Interzone but I’m not sure why anymore I don’t seem to read them…tell me I’m foolish.

  2. Do you mean IZ220 or Jeff Ford’s Creation?

    Definitely you should track down “Creation” if you can. I might still have my copy of F&SF kicking around somewhere, so I’ll try and find it if I remember.

    And are you foolish? Well it comes down to personal tastes. For my money, I’d say IZ is worth subscribing to (and reading) because I always read at least one piece of fiction that I really like, often more than one. And the non-fiction is uniformly worth reading too.

    I’ve subscribed to a lot of magazines in the past (considerably less now), and I can sympathise with the fact that they can arrive in the mail and just sit there, accumulating into a tower of unread fiction. It’s difficult to find the time to read everything, I guess, but personally, IZ is one of the few mags I make time to read every issue of.

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