Diversionary Tactics (2)

Last night’s attempt at mental misdirection was something of a motley collection. Each was engrossing in itself, but short lived. Here’s the rundown:

Wednesday Fives – cracking game of football which involved my side coming back from a seven goal deficit to snatch a tie at the end. Totally absorbing for the hour it lasted, but perhaps too close to the subject I’m trying to avoid. By the time I hit the shower I was already fretting over DiNatale and Toni up against Weir and McManus.

Infamous Assassinations – UKTV History have been running this series during the day time this week, so I’ve been dipping into it when I’ve had a spare half hour. Last night was Che Guevara. To think I didn’t even know he was Argentinian by birth.

Interzone – the new Interzone came in yesterday, presenting a well timed array of temporary distractions. Before bed I enjoyed Andy Hedgecock’s very good interview with Gary Gibson, and a beautiful modern childhood fable by Benjamin Rosenbaum. I’ve been enjoying Rosenbaum’s remarkable stories for a few years now, and his reading at the 2005 Worldcon was one of the week’s highlights for me. “Molly And The Red Hat” is no disappointment, and is an excellent introduction to his work. This issue also includes another of my favourite American writers, Chris Roberson, which bodes well for the diversions of the coming days.

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