Easter, here and gone

This being the obligatory post-Eastercon post, although to be honest it all passed in more of a blur than usual.

The convention was well run, with a lot of thought and work clearly going into filling Bradford’s Cedar Court hotel with as much to do as possible. I got to bang on about Delia Derbyshire for a bit on the Friday night, and I sat in on a discussion about flooding which was food for thought. Tim Powers’ guest of honour interview was full of personality and humour too.

I felt a little out of it for much of the time, a feeling exacerbated by the distributed nature of the accommodation that made it difficult to catch up on the old zzz’s, but I was right as rain come the Sunday and on balance have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing, yet again.

And as ever the best thing about it is the copious numbers of great people  – the ones you’ve known for years and the ones you meet for the first time – to spend your time with.

Aye, a good one indeed.

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