The aftereffect of Eastercon for me is always exhaustion+inspiration in equal measure. Exhaustion from the stamina-sapping of talk-talk-talking, being engaged and attempting to be engaging all weekend. Inspiration from all the serious, fun, silly conversations that you find yourself a part of. With so many smart people around, ideas are tossed off, tossed up and tossed around in a snow storm of creativity. There’s very little chance of  remembering all the good ones when you get home, but it’s usually interesting to check your pockets for any that have snagged there over the course of the weekend.

So, it’s little wonder that I’ve come home with two or three story ideas (one of them very silly indeed – thanks Heather!), and I’ve got bags of enthusiasm to bash on with them. Along with the half finished story I want to complete for a certain anthology project. And the space opera novella I’m a third of the way through.

But what’s *really* nice is that I’m way too consumed by the new novel to take time out and do those things right now. It seemed to pass the general interest test during those “what are you working on at the moment” conversations. No-one glazed over, and eyebrows were even raised, even if in a skeptical and/or amused fashion.

So, it’s all good.

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