NAF: BROKEN RECORDS / Until The Earth Begins To Part

Broken Records are a band I’ve heard snippets of recently and have been looking forward to checking out.  They were on my Hinterland shortlist, but I ended up being somewhere else during their timeslot, and it turns out the played Tut’s just two days ago, so it seems I’ve missed them again. Never mind, to tide me over until the next opportunity comes around I’ve picked up their debut release as this week’s New Album Friday album.

First impressions (and first impressions are what NAF is all about after all): This is a big sound, but then it is a seven piece band. In a manner reminiscent of last week’s NAF band, Grizzly Bear, the strings, brass and piano are used here to sculpt dynamics on an epic scale. There are soaring walls of sound and there are moments of beautiful intimacy too.  Not a band for hooky, catchy songs, rather (and again reminiscent of Grizzly Bear, and also The Decemberists) this is an album intended to be heard as an album. Everything from the concretised typography of the tracklisting to eschewing of intra-track gaps tells you this is constructed musical entity. And it’s a gorgeous, richly textured one.

I hope to catch them live soon, but until then, as an added bonus, I have a free live CD recorded at a session in Avalanche Records to mark Record Store Day.

Yay for proper record stores, and the bands that frequent them!

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