I had to buy this album because of the band name. I’ve seen it on gig listings around town for a while, and love it for it’s simple truth. Where’s our future? it says. The one with personal jetpacks and flying cars and cool simple space age stuff, instead of all this complicated, contemporary shit we have to live through instead.

There’s a sense of frustration about the tracks on this album too. There’s a lot of crescendo going on, a jitter of guitars and thrashing of cymbals.  That makes it sound like there’s a lack of sensitivity, and that’s not true, the tracks are cleverly assembled with special attention paid to dynamics and there some moments of real beauty, but it’s just that the crash and slash seems to dominate.

Might be a grower though, so it’ll stay on the MP3 player, and I certainly want to see them in the flesh at some point soon.

3 thoughts on “NAF: WE WERE PROMISED JETPACKS / These Four Walls

    1. Let’s just call it a pause, Jim. Lack of time and opportunity recently, that’s all. Probably resume in the next day or so with a piece about our holiday in NI.

  1. Cool – I was just paranoid in case you’d started another blog without telling me. With impeccable timing, it looks like my next holiday might be in Norway in a couple of months time. I think I’ll pretend to be Oirish.

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