Wheatland Press, a US-based independent publisher, produce many wonderful books. Here’s a sample sales pitch from my recent trip to WFC .

WP : “Imagine if Lennon had quit The Beatles before they got big, emigrated to America and teamed up with Bob Wills…”

Me : “HOW MUCH IS IT!!!”

Result : one sale of Can’t Buy Me Faded Love by Josh Rountree.


Wheatlands are probably best known for their interstitial anthology series, Polyphony. I’ve bought and enjoyed quite a few of the volumes in this series which has championed stylish, thoughtful, fantastical literature by some people who just happened to by among my favourite writers (Lucius Shepard, Robert Wexler, Eric Schaller, etc).

Anyway, it looks as though the latest volume in the series is under threat because of the General Financial Situation, so the publishers are asking people who would normally consider buying the book to stick a preorder in.

Full story here.






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