World Horror : Membership For Sale

I’ve got a membership going a-begging that I can no longer use for the World Horror Convention this year. It’s being held in Brighton, UK over 25th-28th March.

I understand there are only a handful of places left at this con, so if anyone misses out they can have mine at cost (£60).

Leave me a message here or send me an email.

6 thoughts on “World Horror : Membership For Sale

  1. Sorry to hear that you’re not going – is anyone from the mighty GSFWC? I’m trying to sort out getting down there. Need to be down early on the Thursday as I’m doing a reading in the afternoon and back late on the Sunday after I’ve been on a panel.

    1. I have no idea if anyone else from GSFWC is going, Ian. Personally, I was really looking forward to it though, but it’s not to be and it can’t be helped.

      However, I had done a fair bit of research on travel. The best way for you to go is to get a flight to Gatwick and the train from Gatwick to Brighton only takes something like half an hour after that. It was working out to be very affordable and very fast.

  2. The flight was coming in at £50-60 and the train was about £13 if I remember right. Which is about as cheap as you can do it.

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