Things to do

Blog’s been quiet lately because the first two months of 2010 kicked off in busy fashion.  Lots to see, lots to do, including gigs and WordDogs and all sorts. And the first Murnie gig in two years, and nearly half a book punched into the netbook have polished up the old brass plaque inscribed self-satisfaction no end.

And the next couple of months will be no less brimming. Here’s a selection of things I recommend. You might see me at some of them.

March 5th (tonight!!)- Them Beatles at Eyes Wide Open@BlackFriars. You have to see these guys to really understand why the term ‘tribute act’ is wholly insufficient. Awesome band of musicians whose selections from the Beatles catalogue never fail to hit the right note. And tonight they unveil their psychadelic-era set with selections from Revolver, Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour – complete with brass, strings  and loops and weirdness. CANNOT WAIT.

March 7th – The Early Days Of A Better Future? @ Aye Write. Glasgow’s week-long literary festival starts tonight too. I think I’ll try to get too a few things next week, but the event that I pre-booked a while ago is this discussion between Richard Morgan, Ken McLeod, Michael Cobley, Hal Duncan and Deborah J Miller. Science Fiction hasn’t featured strongly at Aye Write in previous years, but I’m sure that moderator Andrew Wilson will ensure that the panel is both thoughtful and hugely entertaining. It’ll be like a convention panel for people who don’t go to conventions.

March 12th – The Hidden Masters @ 106 Club. The 106 Club is a new venture on the South Side that will be offering some great live music and top notch DJing. The line-up already looks mouthwatering and next week’s opening night is very tempting indeed. Haven’t seen 60s psycharock/NuMasque aficionados The Hidden Masters for too long.

March 14th – Scheduled completion of 1st half of Queen Of Clouds – but you don’t need to be there for that.

March 25th-28th – World Horror Convention, Brighton. *Sigh*.  I was going to this, but I’m not any more. There are reasons, but I still regret it a little. This event is sold out now, but on the off chance you already have a ticket can I suggest that a great way to start the convention off would be to go see Ian Hunter read at 2pm on the Thursday. A veteran of WordDogs, Ian’s a terrific reader and his stories are very dark and often very funny. You won’t regret it.

March 28th – Neil Innes @ The Stand. Part of the Glasgow Comedy festival, this is the reason I only regret missing WHC “a little”.

Oh, the fun. It never lets up does it?

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