TTA Press World Cup 2010 Sweepstake

Just returned from fulfilling my duties as draw administrator for the now traditional TTA Press World Cup sweepstake ( I can’t believe either of those links is necessary, but apparently there some people who don’t know about either TTA or the World Cup. Nothing short of bizarre, but there it is).

It was a lavish do, as befits these occasions, and we were fortunate to secure the services of renowned cabaret celebrity, theatre critic and popular football pundit, Charles M Montgomery.

Charlie not only matched the contenders with their adoptive teams of the tournament using the very impressive high tech randomizer apparatus (not pictured) invented specially for this event but, during the half time interval of what was a ceremony of marathon proportions, he also lifted our spirits with a rousing impromptu rendition of Elton John’s popular hit, “Benny And The Jets”.

The only low point in the proceedings came in the form of a near-calamitous wardrobe malfunction that saw the family favourite’s blushes saved by a quick-thinking wardrobe mistress and a big safety pin. The don’t call him Ole Snakehips for nothing!

Formailities at an end, Charlie and I perused the final outcome, and the old boy was good enough to commiserate me on my continuing bad luck in these affairs. South Africa may be hosts, but I’m afraid neither of us could see much profit coming my way in the sweep. Honestly, I don’t know why I bother.

4 thoughts on “TTA Press World Cup 2010 Sweepstake

  1. All hail, Charlie, and I hope he said things like “it’s a game of two cliches”, “there are no easy games in international football”, and “this draw needs a goal”.

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