Jack Deighton on the BSFA shortlist

Over on his blog, Fife-based SF novelist, Jack Deighton has been looking at the BSFA award nominees.  Jack’s opinions are always thoughtful and I won’t comment on what he’s written here (except to say that I disagree with his appreciation of the Allan story). But if you’re thinking about voting in the BSFA awards this year it would do you no harm to read what he has to say and see if you agree.

If you look back through his posts (you can filter out the Dumbarton FC match reports if you need to) you can find his thoughts on four out of the five nominated novels too.

2 thoughts on “Jack Deighton on the BSFA shortlist

  1. Um. That title should of course be read as “Jack Deighton talks about the BSFA shortlist”. Sorry, if that was misleading.

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