At long last: The Cyber Puppets!

Have just this second bought the brand-spanking squeaky new Kindle edition of Angus McAllister’s The Cyber Puppets from Brain In A Jar.

For me this is where ebooks come into their own, making available books that for whatever reason previously missed their chance. I first ordered The Cyber Puppets – I don’t know – ten years ago? More? But the publisher collapsed before it was published, so it’s wonderful to finally be able to read it.

For those who don’t know Gus McAllister’s work, his first novel, The Krugg Syndrome –  sardonic and surreal romp set in Glasgow – is great fun and well worth tracking down.

6 thoughts on “At long last: The Cyber Puppets!

    1. I’m thinking you’re meaning Kim’s “Cyber Circus” which is BSFA nominated (and a great fun read!) Gus McAllister’s “The Cyber Puppets” is only just published today.

      Who’d have though there’d be two novels with “cyber” in the title after so many years though?

      1. I suspect I’m not supposed to ask about the REALLY important novel (and yes, I’ve seen the recent post about it). *innocent smile*

        Where’s my sky-blue pen?

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