Round about this time every year I start to check the calendar to see how many weeks are left until Eastercon, one of my cherished biannual breaks spent in the company of my excellent friends in the genre writing community.  And, on finding out that it’s still six weeks distant (*sigh*!) I’m always a little disappointed. Which is WHY I’m really rather looking forward to this weekend because there’s a handy wee convention right on my doorstep: Satellite 3.

Mostly, as is my way at these things, I’m looking forward to kicking back with my mates (and perhaps learning a little bit more about guest of honour, Charles Stross), but I’ve also been asked to contribute to the programme. On Saturday morning, I’ll be chipping in my tuppenceworth on the Perils And Pitfalls Of Publishing.  Then, on Saturday evening Andrew J Wilson and I will be hosting a reading event, which not only am I looking forward to unveiling a new story at (assuming I finish it…) but I’m looking forward even more to hearing the other readers we have managed to line up. It’s a top drawer selection.

And as an Added Bonus, the event marks the return of conventions to the famous Central Hotel, one of the spiritual homes of British genre happenings. I’ve not been to a convention there since, I think, 2000. It’s been far too long.

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