The Seven R’s (or Eight, or Nine)

For all my artistic ambitions as declared so forthrightly last month, there was always going to come a point where all the various things that demand energy were going to clash, leading ultimately to failure to really progress much of note.

This week I have been Revising the final draft of the current day job project during the days and also organising for tomorrow’s Reading at Satellite 3.  On Monday night I was Reuniting with the bidie-in after her long weekend away from home. On Tuesday night I was Reviewing a story at the latest round of  GSFWC.  On Wednesday I was Rehearsing with de Saw (while post-football Retching).  Thursday it was Recording the last of the keys for the next EP.

And in the cracks of all that I was trying to write a new story to be performed tomorrow. It was supposed to be a simple little piece, poignant, pithy and pointed, but alas most of the writing time has been squandered on Researching copyright law. So, I won’t be reading it after all (I’ll be reading something else – and hope that no-one nods off this time).

Tonight I’m having a night off from all of that. Me and her have got front row seats for Randy (Newman, at the Concert Hall). Nothing like a sardonic old Jewish dude and a piano to chill you the hell out, eh?

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