Busyness and business

Bit of a hiatus here, but they happen from time to time, usually when I’m too busy to blog. And such is definitely the way right now. Remember a few months ago I made a list of all the creative stuff I’ve got going on at the moment? Well most of them are competing to be pretty much completed right about now. Which is frustrating because it feels as if there’s lots of activity but very little is getting done.

Writing-wise, the novel should have been well done by now, but it’s not and I missed the deadline for Des Lewis’s “Classical Horror” anthology (in the latter case, it was the right decision to take more time on the story – I think it’ll be a belter but it needs to be balanced just right).  On the plus side, I did sell a story to Ian Hunter’s “Unspoke Water” magazine, am hoping to have a ghost story out to an anthology by the end of next week and have been commissioned to contribute story to another project. So, fingers crossed by this time next month I’ll be feeling a bit more accomplished and able to refocus on finishing the novel again.

Cabaret -wise, we’ve found it difficult to nail down the longish de Saw-Finkle piece we’ve been trying to develop but I had a moment of satori about that a few weeks ago and can feel it coming together at last. Hopefully, we can get down to the business of rehearsal on that very soon. Ideally, I think we’d like to test out some of the material at the T In The Park Cabaret Club where de Saw and Finkle will be performing a relaxing early afternoon set. If you’re at T this year and looking for something to do between 12 and 1, come and see us!

Oh, and music-wise, well the year’s second Murnie ep is still under wraps at the moment until we can get back into our weekly sessions. The good news on that front is there’s not a lot to be done in terms of overdubs, so once we’re back at it it should only be a short time before it’s available for your listen pleasure.

And that’s it for the round up. Just letting you know I’m still here, still doing it.

All of it.

At once.

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