The last year or two I’ve been in the habit (more or less, sometimes I slipped) of reporting on what I’ve enjoyed reading during each month. The original impetus for this had been realising that I’d pretty close to stopped reading for pleasure a few years ago, and hey it worked. I’ve read a lot […]

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Busyness and business

Bit of a hiatus here, but they happen from time to time, usually when I’m too busy to blog. And such is definitely the way right now. Remember a few months ago I made a list of all the creative stuff I’ve got going on at the moment? Well most of them are competing to […]

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A fresh face

So, I’ve gone and combined the blog and the website. Sort of. I’ll probably tinker with it forever now, expect changes, but slow changes, but it’s basically done. Hoorah! Please come here in future for your one-stop-Neilly-shop.

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I’ve got bored of having a website and a blog, so I’m looking into combining the two. Expect changes in the near future.

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Nooks and Crannies

In the spirit of Expanding the Web Presence I’ve set myself up with a myspace. I doubt whether much will happen there that doesn’t happen here, or on the site, or on the message boards, but you never know.I’ve been using myspace for yonks* with the band, and found it a brilliant networking tool. And […]

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