Canada countdown

This time next week we’ll be on holiday in Toronto. As it’s effectively our summer holiday, it’s long over due, so understandably we’re both more than ready for the break. The bidey-in spent some time in Toronto back in the day and is looking forward to going back, but for me it’s a whole new experience. And I do love new experiences.

I was about to add that I go with no real preconceptions, but that can never be true, can it? So here’s what I hope Toronto has in store for me.

1/ Bacon, really good bacon (and if it comes with maple syrup, all the better).

2/ Beer, ditto (especially the bit about maple syrup).

3/ A great local music scene (regular readers will remember that earlier this year pretty much all my favourite musical discoveries were Canadian, they still are – going to see Zeus and Dan Mangan again next month).

4/ Friendly people – they have that rep anyway, but all the Canadians I have ever know have all been fantastic people. FACT. Stands to reason that the whole country’s like that.

5/ A tour around a fondly remembered period of my loved one’s past (and the set of the exterior bits of Kids In The Hall).

All very exciting, and if anyone’s got any further recommendations for Canadian stuff (like good beers), drop me a comment here (although the bacon is non-negotiable).


And at the end of the week I’m at the World Fantasy Convention: which basically means meeting a lot of friends, being in a controlled, bar-related environment and talking about books. For four days. Bliss.

Four working days, and counting.



6 thoughts on “Canada countdown

  1. And don’t forget to visit the start of Yonge Street. At over 1100 miles, it used to be listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest street in the world! (I used to know some folk who lived at 11339 Yonge Street.)

    1. I’m pretty sure we’ll be encountering Yonge St frequently, Lawrence. But I didn’t know it was a record breaker. Thanks!

      1. I know its ur-naff but a trip to Niagara is worth it for both the natural splendour and also to see just how comprehensively the North Americans have shitted up everything else to do with it

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