Canada countdown 2

The latter part of our trip to Toronto involves camping out at the World Fantasy Convention for a few days. This will be my fourth WFC. My first was Minneapolis in 2002, and I’ve managed back every three or four years since then, calling in at Austin and San Jose on the way (next years, in Brighton is a bonus year!).  All of them were simply excellent conventions, spent with good friends that I get to see even less than my European compadres. So, good times.

This year I’ve been asked to appear on a panel on the subject of the use of music in fiction to scare and enchant. In a way, this is right up several of my streets, but having begun researching the subject I’m finding examples a bit thin on the ground. There are plenty of stories about music or musicians, but relatively few in which music itself has agency in the plot. The more I think about it, the more interesting the discussion might be. I’m sure my fellow panellists will manage to squeeze an hour’s worth of good chat out of it anyway.

It’s on Thursday 1st at 8pm. If you’re at the con, and not doing anything special, come down and chip in some ideas.

4 thoughts on “Canada countdown 2

  1. Ooh, I would have loved to attend that panel. Alas, I was at WFC San Diego last year, and need to save up for Brighton next… Have fun!

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