Lighting the neon

It’s the last night of our stay in Toronto and we’ve elected to stay in the Gladstone Hotel, a former-flophouse, now-boutique hotel in the hipstery, artsy West Queen West district whose rooms are individually designed by artists. Ours is pink and baby blue. It has a pewter ceiling and a giant purple mirror, stencilled ferns […]

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Canada countdown 3

This time tomorrow we’ll be calling a cab to take us to the airport, then catching our flight to Toronto. I’m mostly packed, with only the important  decisions like whether I should take something to read on the plane or whether I should use the time to work on the book (or whether I’ll do […]

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Canada countdown

This time next week we’ll be on holiday in Toronto. As it’s effectively our summer holiday, it’s long over due, so understandably we’re both more than ready for the break. The bidey-in spent some time in Toronto back in the day and is looking forward to going back, but for me it’s a whole new […]

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So that was Warsaw. There and back again in sixty hours, give or take. But, Wow! Did we ever pack a lot in? The purpose of the trip was to take the opportunity to catch up with Jeff Vandermeer, a great friend who I’ve not seen for a couple of years. Jeff was there to […]

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The Warsaw Trip

So, I’m going to be in Warsaw this weekend as a guest of the Polish edition of F&SF magazine (who have also just told me they would like to translate my story, The Euonymist, for their forthcoming issue!). For a variety of reasons I’m looking forward to this trip with unreasonable levels of excitement. I’ve never […]

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It’s a Swizz!

So, that’s the holiday break almost over. I’ve got a couple of days yet til I go back to work, but as one of them will be spent having root treatment at the dentist, it doesn’t really count. As you’ll have gathered it’s not been the most healthy or productive of breaks, but even so […]

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Like I’ve Never Been Away

But I have been, see? It’s just that between the close of the working day one Tuesday evening and rolling back into the office another Wednesday morning, the last week at World Fantasy seems like such a seamless splice into my life that already I’m wondering if it happened or if it was just some […]

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