Canada countdown 3

This time tomorrow we’ll be calling a cab to take us to the airport, then catching our flight to Toronto. I’m mostly packed, with only the important  decisions like whether I should take something to read on the plane or whether I should use the time to work on the book (or whether I’ll do neither and instead watch half of a movie and fall asleep as usual).

When we get there the Toronto part of the holiday is taking shape nicely, with some activities on the slate, some friends to meet, some places to go and hang out (why, yes, actually I do like the sound of an underground cinema-cum-cafe-cum-bicycle repair shop).

And the WFC part of the week is starting to come together too. The programme has been published and I really like a look of a few of the panels. Although that two of the ones that caught my have to be on first thing in the morning seems a little unfair.

Ah, well, c’est la vie.  The things we do for art.

RIght – next stop, Canada.


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