It’s the end of the year, but there’s just enough time to squeeze in a brand new Murnie ep. Our second release of the year has taken a bit longer than expected to come to fruition because…life. Anyway we hope you enjoy it.

And for those who like these sorts of things, here’s a few notes about how the songs came about.

CracklecoverBrass Boy was born out of frustration. The year was 2005, and I was housebound for three months by a combination of broken leg and spiral staircase. That kind of frustration. Grrr! At least I got a song out of it. And a beard. A song and a beard.

Spidermonkey is one of those silly character songs that we do from time to time. Spidermonkey is that creepy older night club guy. Part arachnid, part simian, mostly reptile. (Fun fact: our band nickname for this song is “sponkey”. We do not apologise for this.)

Don’t Forget was inspired by a beautiful and haunting story by Phil Raines and Harvey Wells in which people faded out of existence if they were no longer loved or regarded by others. I occasionally get song ideas from fiction, but so far only two have made it to completion as Murnie songs. And they were both written by Phil and Harvey.

Little Girl Who Sold The World is pure whimsy. An intentionally simplistic riff on global responsibility. This song is one of the few survivors from the first set of songs we wrote as a band. If memory serves we may even have played it at our first gig. Bless.

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